Clown shoe for your time

Some of you may have seen some of my posts recently getting more and more bitter about the home buying process. Yesterday a house popped up in the neighborhood we really wanted to be in and it seemed to be priced below comps by 10-15 and lately houses in that neighborhood have been going for even 5-10 higher. Of course this is entry level home shopping in a sellers market so we set up a showing for 4 hours after it got posted.

Well, when we saw the house we thought it might even be worth more; all brick, 1950s(newer for the neighborhood but not out of place), central air, new furnace, 7-8 ft basement ceilings with a fully compliant bedroom(egress window); fully finished second bathroom; 2 car garage(with a woodstove). And just generally treated well and nice workmanship. Not super artificially updated but nice.

Anyways, we lost out on one house, let’s call it Washburn, a month ago in the same neighborhood that although less lived in and had the compulsory updated kitchen: I didn’t think stacked up. Although admittedly Washburn looked better from the street. The same weekend we passed on a house, let’s call it Upton, listed just above what we did offer on Washburn 2 blocks away that had a competitive bid situation.


So, as we are leaving last night my wife and I scraped every last penny together and made an offer that most likely would not have won those other Washburn or Upton. We even wrote one of those kind of cheesy letters and included a picture. Three other offers rolled in and we didn’t feel very hopeful.

Our offer got accepted this morning. Part of me feels like we went too high, but knowing we lost out on Washburn that I thought had less going for it with an offer that was in total $5000 less and didn’t even bid on Upton because it was too high; if we were too high, it wasn’t by much. So now we have the inspection and 5 week close period. And I will avoid ever buying a house again if I can help it.