There are around 45 people at our hub location and one of them has been placing Nascar themed beanie babies in my office. It started last Tuesday, and there has been an additional bear each day except for yesterday. Then today one dive bombed me from the top of my door when I went to close it for a call. So for all I know that could have been yesterday’s bear...

I am one of two car enthusiasts in the office, and the only racing enthusiast except I don’t like Nascar. So I have questions. Why? Where do you even get all of these bears? Did you already have them? Did you buy them?


I’m an easy target for this because I have to be in most of the meetings for each of our practices, and I go out for lunch most days. However, the prankster has to dupe me and my buddy across the hall, as everyone knows that he would dime them out to me. Somehow he/she has managed to sneak by.

I’ve been thinking about configuring my webcam to catch the delivery person, but I’m curious to see how many bears this person has access to. I’ve added the props (booze, joint, eye patch, paper hat) for kicks.

At first I just wanted to know who is doing it? Now I want to know without them knowing that I know so that I can one up this “prank”.

As I’m sure most of you know, a prank war is not over until there are tears.

Accepting any ideas for retaliation.