I haven’t had time to completely “move in” to my new office. Also the suite that I moved into is being re-painted and re-carpeted in the near future. So I’m going to have to take everything down anyway, but I won’t have to measure everything again.

I’ve had a lot of this artwork for a while, but most of it has been in shitty frames or not framed. I bought nice matching frames for the Blipshift prints. A new frame for the 911 from Petrolicious (which I don’t think I like already). Also matching frames for my two prints from Vuvroom. (The Alpina 02, and the Green Alfa GTV.)


I still need new frames for the “3 vintage Bimmers”, the CSL, and I need a matching frame to the Alpina 02 to match the Alfa GTV. CSL will go in the middle of the wall behind where I sit with the Alfa, and Alipina on either side ones on either side

Don’t use gorilla tape on furniture

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