An issue with Word 2016 for Mac if anyone has any ideas, the help would be greatly appreciated.

My wife opened a blank document in Word 2016 this morning and there is a random box at the top. It acts like a table in that when she hits enter it goes to the next line down, creating a new row with a full border. There are no columns and the table options don’t appear when right clicking, also no Table Design ribbon. She tried closing out and opening a new, blank document a few times but it’s still there. It’s not a header box, it’s at the beginning of the body. I know there was an issue in Word 2011 with blank panes showing up, but this isn’t that issue. Office and Mac are up to date. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

Updated with a screenshot as best I could replicate on my Mac as she’s working at the moment. Hers does not have the Table Design ribbon, no table options when right clicking, none of the table customization options of any kind. Anything with the red line on my screenshot is not there for her.

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