OFFICELOPNICK: Why Office Was Good Till Office XP.

I love so much my Office XP and his little assistant, that I wouldn’t change it with a later version, for all the gold in the world.

I am fully convinced that till XP the Microsoft products were developed by serious, professional programmers who knew very well what is needed by both the professional and private users, while the present software seem to have been developed by some rainbowed urban freaks who developed their mindset on Facebook.

Just to say that the INS notice doesn’t appear anymore in the status bar of the later versions of Office, and this makes me swear out loud, every time I need to make a translation. And to insert a date in a document, it’s no longer “Insert” menu and “Date” but you must go to a new label, choose “Text” then click “Insert” and than click “Rapid Parts”… what rapid parts, you motherfucker fudge-packer??? I need to insert a fucking DATE, not some goddamned RAPID PART!!!


And it’s not finished, because next you must click “Field” (in Italian “campo”, hope is correct translation), then “Categories” and eventually “Date and Time”.

There must be a hell for those goons.

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