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Official Hot Wheels Exchange program

Hello fellow Opponauts!!

You’re probably wondering what is going on here as you saw the title, “Hot Wheel Exchange” and thought to yourself…”what’s that?” The exchange is exactly how it sounds, a car for a car! Or two cars for two cars….you get the idea. This idea is very simple and just for fun.


Like many of you, I have a lot of Hot Wheels and sometimes find myself with doubles, cars I just don’t care for anymore, or even just run out of room. I would rather see my extra car go to a person who wants it than to let it sit in a case. The idea is to trade your unwanted car for one that you do want for free..kinda. Both parties are paying to ship their own car so it only costs a few dollars.

Now, I know you are thinking a few things at this point:

”Gee, I ONLY have 6000 cars at the moment and definitely don’t need any more” - YOU ARE WRONG….MOOAARRR!!


“What kind of cars can we trade?” – Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, ect. Good cars, no junk! Cars in cases or lose are equally fine. It is up to you to determine what is fair.

“This sounds expensive.” – Not true, you should be able to mail a single car across the US for no more than $4


“..But $4 is more than a new Hot Wheel?!” - Yes but this is for fun and try to get some really cool cars from some really cool people and have some really cool stories.

“How does this work?” – This works based on trust first and foremost! A person will post a car up for grabs and somebody else will make a trade offer with a picture. A trade is agreed upon and each party pays to ship their own car to the recipient based upon a GENTLEMANS AGREEMENT.


“What is a GENTLEMANS AGREEMENT?” - This is your word, your bond, your handshake, your character. If you don’t have or keep any of these than you should avoid this thread. This is trust that you will actually send the trade agreed. If you break this trust you will be subject to Oppositelock ridicule!

“Ok cool, tell me more about how this works!” – See below

Example: I will use the names Jimmy and Sampson for this

-Sampson takes a good picture of a car and posts it up for grabs with a description to this thread


-Jimmy likes it and posts a good picture of his trade offer as a reply

-Sampson accepts the trade offer and posts a way for Jimmy to contact him either by text, email, smoke signals, or however he feels sufficient.


-Jimmy then confirms the contact method by simply posting after Sampson and contacts him by desired method.

-Contact information is then exchanged and the GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT is then made


-Sampson deletes/dismisses his previous post with personal info and awaits Jimmy to contact him.

-Sampson and Jimmy then each go and buy eye drops from making smoke signals

-Both Jimmy and Sampson ship their cars

-Upon delivery both Sampson and Jimmy restrain attacking the UPS guy and then violently tear open packages and make car noises while admiring their new rides!!


Sounds easy enough right? It is!


The important things are to be honest and clear upfront about what you have to trade. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. You also want to make sure you dismiss your contact information as soon as you can to avoid spammers and stuff. Since we are unable to personal message each other this example method is the best we have.

Finally, to avoid a bunch of posts to the main page we will use this single thread for all trade offers. I will try to repost every couple weeks or so to see how it goes. Simply search “Hot Wheels exchange” and you will see this thread.


In closing, we think this is a cool idea to just have fun with. Be honest, be fair, and trade cool cars! This is a family on here so let’s keep it that way!

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