Official Update: I got a 2016 Cruze

The C250 coupe is gone and I got a 2016 Cruze Premier RS. That about sums it up... It’s a great car with way more gadgets than the Benz had, I’ll save a ton on gas and save on insurance! And not to mention service visits.

That being said, I will truly miss the Benz. It was a very unique car and always got looks and started conversations wherever I went. I only ended up seeing one other 2-door C250 in the entire time I owned it!


As far as the Cruze goes, here’s the equipment:

Leather, sunroof, heated front and rear seats, Bose sound system, RS package (all visual...), navigation, remote start, and wifi for 24 months or 24 gigs...


And a couple final shots of the C250 which will be missed:

Day 1 with the Benz
First shot of the car with tint
FYI this was the only other coupe I'd ever seen
Yes, it camped
Last day of the C250

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