Offroading in the Miata

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The sign read “4x4 high clearance only”... Fuck it I can straddle anything.

At one point I was sitting in the car exploring options on the map when a family came up on their ATVs. “Mister, are you lost??” asked the father through his helmet with great concern. “No, no I am found” a said with huge grin “I am found”. Moments later I was crossing a stream with them.... it was about 4 inches deep and 15 feet across but... there I was a Miata following along with a group of 4 ATVs out in the wild. It was meant to be.


When a group of three jeeps pass me, they look surprised. But not nearly as fun as the deflated looks of shock as when I pass them. It’s supposed to be their country... No fair as they lumber along weight shifting slowly on fat tires and I’m gone with a slight drift of the ass around the next bend in the road.

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