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Oh, agony

Keith wants to keep the Sunchaser over the weekend to look at my cooling issues, but Cars & Coffee is Sunday! Tears of anguish.

All I can do is think about driving a 73 Celica in the snow.

Keith is the man when it comes to my cars. We had to replace a broken infotainment unit in my wife’s Sienna, and he saved me $2000 off the dealer price.


I met him when I was daily driving an RX-8 GT (strongly recommended for the soul but not the wallet). Keith kept that beautiful car on the road (relatively) affordably. When the rotary shit the bed (it is what they do), he sourced a replacement and installed ot at half the price with the same warranty as anyone else.

That car was the best driving car I have driven. It was fully loaded, but I got it stupid cheap because it was a repo recovery. Built for mountain roads, it carved like a motherfucker. But it was like a crazy girlfriend you miss once in a while, but thank god is gone.

It looked like this. I got so many tickets - it was a CHP magnet.

Maybe I will take the Vespa to C&C. CaptDale needs X tickets....

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