So, at work today I did a grand total of 3 things- wrote up my Oppo review of the new Mercedes; spent 90 minutes meeting with someone on transitioning my current responsibilities; and packed up my desk!

Whoo hoo - summer off, maybe more!!

Backstory - about a year ago, my company decided to sell off its North American business, after which it would just be a European business. In the fall, I took a promotion into that business, in large part to help with the sale. Well, that sale closed in May to a competitor, and as I expected all along, they have their own people doing what I do, so they don’t really need me. I’ll mostly be on vacation the next couple of weeks, then officially unemployed.

Note - for a whole host of reasons, I am VERY happy about all of this, so no ‘sorry to hear that’, mmmkay? LOL. I’m pretty lucky - and they’ve treated me well for being a short timer under their ownership.

So, more Oppo time (and more importantly, more time with my 2 year old!)