Oh Baby

It may have been a cold November morning when she ran, but the ol’ girls still got a voice!

As per usual another amazing video from the boys at Speed Academy, though it must have bothered them plenty that they didn’t get to rip some tec themselves.


For those not in the know this is one of a handful of Zonda Rs in North America, this one specifically taken care of by Legendary Motor Cars and Pfaff Motorsports / Pfaff Pagani (Pagani Canada). Given the recent warm spells and higher than usual temperatures, several groups took to the tracks for a few last-last call track days.

Fun fact: the private owner actually flew this R over to Japan for one of the earlier Pagani Radunos (dubbed Touge Run) where it accompanied Ella (Huayra with the Tempesta package) on its Japan tour before both flew back to Canada. While not road legal, it had a pretty good run at the private track day at Fuji Speedway and in good company.

Image Courtesy of Pfaff Auto

You can view those photos here:


Naturally when the opportunity arose for some private 1-on-1 time last year I dropped everything and went for a shoot myself. What a magical morning that was.

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