I think the universe hates me. Last Saturday I went into my local America’s Tire store to have eight tires installed for my two e-Golfs. I had taken the wheels off the car and brought them in loose because I don’t want those idiots over tightening, or worse, not torquing the wheels at all.

When I got back home I discovered they let a dumb shit balance one wheel, and that idiot left the old wheels weights on, so he counter balanced the inside, and then on the outside he also counterbalanced, but he added new weights there.

So because of that I had to take it in to Big Brand Tire on a Sunday because America’s Tire is closed on Sundays. So I spent $23 of my own money to fix their fuck up, and wasted about two hours of my own time.

Oh and I also discovered that the “new” tires I bought were all three years old. So I was now fuming. My new tires which is just spent $1,600 on are older then the fucking car they’re going on.

So I went back to the store Monday to get reimbursed for the balance at Big Brand, and my time, which came out to $60 and change. I also wanted a discount on the tires since I had gone in to buy new tires, not old stock. But the manager wasn’t in, and the assistant manager who was supposed to be in charge of the store was too much of a pussy to deal with me, and he wouldn’t even come out from the back so instead he let a salesman tell me the manager would deal with it when he gets back on Thursday.


This was an issue for two reasons. First off, it’s bullshit that an assistant manager not only can’t cut a check for $60 to fox their own fuck up, but that he didn’t even have the common courtesy to tell me this himself. But it’s even worse because I used to work at this exact store, and management hasn’t changed. When I was there the manager was off for a few weeks, so the same assistant manager that’s there now was running things, and when a customer came in while I was working there and accused the store of denting his fender from putting wrong size wheels and tires on, the assistant manager cut him a check for thousands of dollars. And this was in spite of the fact that he KNEW we didn’t do it, because the dent that had supposedly just happened the other day had a thick layer of rust on it, but he paid out anyways.

So he was fine with paying a bullshit claim that was thousands of dollars, but he wouldn’t give me $60 for a mistake they absolutely did make? I was, and am pissed.

So I decided to hell with them and I decided not to give them the benefit of the doubt and so I called the regional office and complain to a VP who oversees the store. I wasn’t going to do this if they had just taken care of the problem, and it wouldn’t have ever reached the managers bosses. But since the assistant manager didn’t want to deal with it, I figured the manager could deal with getting his ass chewed out by his boss when he gets back.


And the manager just called me this morning, but I just don’t want to deal with anymore shit. It was such a simple thing to fix, and they didn’t want to.