Manuals exist. Autos also exist. Pick the one you want and buy it. If they don't offer it in the car you want, tough shit. Get over it and buy something else.

Manual swaps are possible. transverse and longitudinally mounted manual trans kits exists as do engine adapter plates. You can even get one made if they don't have it off the shelf. If the car you want doesn't come with a manual, do something about it. If you don't want do something about it, then tough shit. Get over it, and buy something else.


Some cars come with both manual and auto. Some people are going to pick the auto. Most of the time, they will be the majority. If this happens to be the car you want, this will have approximately 0% impact on you. If the manual is available and you want the manual, go buy that. If it bothers you that others got a non-manual version of the car, get over yourself. Quit expecting the world to tailor itself to your personal desires, because if world leaders don't get to have that, you sure as fuck won't get to either.

Manuals vs. Autos is a dumb argument. The horse has been beaten into a fine mist thin enough to waft through the atmosphere of any automotive community. Just because you catch the faint scent of this atomized corpse doesn't mean it's time to break out the bats again. Take a page out of Disney's book and LET IT GO.