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Oh boy, here we go again

The metaphorical snowball is gaining momentum. I’m really interested in staying married, but circumstances seem to dictate that I test the bonds of matrimony. Hopefully this doesn’t cause an avalanche. Like EssExTee, I know this is not the place to come to be talked out of a vehicle purchase, but . . .

Last weekend I decided to sit on motorcycles at a local dealer. I found that several fit well, and they even had a bike traded in that day that they were pricing well.


Then on Monday a trusted friend tested a motorcycle that a friend of his is planning to sell. A 2005 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom with Givi luggage and 25,000 miles. Aftermarket seat, new tires, aftermarket windscreen, a couple of other minor additions. This is one of two models I would generally consider if I were to buy a bike (the other being a Versys). It was deemed in great shape and a good deal.

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On Tuesday I texted a bit with the seller, who wants to sell to me, and will take his time before he puts it on the open market.

Then today I thought I’d see if I could make room in my garage by selling my autocross wheels (and getting some other stuff gone). A guy who races a GTI but doesn’t have dedicated race wheels said that he’d buy them at the price that I named. (I told him to give me a week to make sure that I really want to back that far away from autocross.)


For background, when I was engaged to my wife I took the MSF course and got my motorcycle license endorsement. She was fine with this. After we married I said, “I found the bike that I’m going to buy.” She was no longer okay with it, didn’t want to risk losing me to a crash. So, after 2 decades of accepting this status, I’m expecting the conversation about acquiring a bike to go as well as the one about acquiring a Corvette went. I’m willing to deal with that. It helps that a motorcycle takes up a lot less space than a car, which is her other primary concern after risks from riding.

I did get past the idea of the Corvette after taking a vacation and deciding that I didn’t really need an old, extra car in my life, particularly if I was going to do less autocross. My current plan regarding the motorcycle is that I am not allowing myself to buy anything until I’ve at least taken a weekend for camping and retreat. That could be as soon as next weekend (not tomorrow), but it really feels like I’m letting this snowball continue to build inexorably.


Wish me luck in maintaining my marriage (priority 1) and maybe ending up with a motorcycle (priority 2).

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