I was just talking about how reliable my ride has been (a '93 f150 with the straight 6) and as I'm leaving work today the clutch suddenly goes to the floor and there is no pressure. I manage to get home floating gears and not getting caught at a stop light. So i get home and start troubleshooting, in 5 degree F weather (yay). I don't see anything leaking...the hydraulic line seems ok and is still connected properly...finally check the fluid, seems a little low so i top it off and get my wife out to bleed the clutch hoping some air got in the lines (cause if it's the slave cylinder that means removing the tranny)...somehow i don't have a wrench small enough for the bleeder valve. So i decide to take it to my dad's since he has more tools and if it is the slave cylinder i will be doing the work there. So i float gears over to my parents with no heat...because for some reason the blower won't go on when i bump start the truck. All this while getting bitched at by the wife for buying a "piece of shit" .

So yea it's been a fun night


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