My wife and I went out last night, and I can’t help but notice she used the phrase, “my next car” about three times during dinner. So I foolishly asked her to expand on this unexpected theme.

I told her how, in the now 13 years I’ve known her, she has had zero zip zilch interest in cars so what’s the haps? She replied me that now that she’s rode in the Lexus - and especially that loaner RX - she wants a nice car too. She mentioned luxurious seats... No, HEATED seats. I don’t even have heated seats in mine!


“And more room for a second dog!”

Second what?!?!?!


“But what about the Vibe that you said you loved?”

“I do love it! I guess I can last maybe two more years in it.”

I don’t think there are any mixed signals here.

Well anyway, guess I’ll be shopping for an older Lexus RX soon. 

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