Oh, dammit.

While American police departments are slowly filling up with “stealth” patrol cars designed to catch people going 76 in a 75 zone, this is not very common in the capital south of the border. Yet.

My city government bought 160 “stealth” Ford Fusions, 100 are hybrid, and 60 are interceptors. Whether that means it has the 2.7 ecoboost or the 2.0 ecoboost doesn’t matter. These will be given to detectives....but why give detectives interceptors? Generally they run around in zippy Ford Fiestas or in some cases Stef-approved Mitsubishi Lancers, but not cars that can do 0-60 in less than 7 seconds.


The oddest thing about this is that people here don’t trust the police at all, and since Mexico City has little regulation on the use of police lights and no enforcement of the penalties for owning them, civilians buy police lights and install them on their vehicles all the time, specially motorcyclists (mantra here is “bright lights save lives I guess).You can also buy *new* police cars like the Tahoe police package or the Ford Police Interceptor (Taurus SHO) out of the dealer without any sort of background check or public contract, not sure how it works in the US, but impersonating a police officer here is easy and for some reason widespread.

So lets say I’m a huge criminal doing 85 in a 80 zone, and one of these cruisers catches me and wants to pull me over. As far as I know the person inside that car isn’t a police officer, and the car they’re in isn’t a police car. People around me (even other police cruisers) will not pay attention to it and won’t help them stop me. Which is not important if I’m doing 85 in a 80 zone... But it’s going to be a huge issue if it’s a drug dealer or a kidnapper.

Undercover patrol cars brought to you by the same people that chose the Jeep Wrangler as an environmental patrol car inside the most densely populated area of Mexico. Rated one of the trucks with the worst fuel economy by the EPA.

Additionally, cloning police cars here is already an issue, so I think that people will be really scared that the person asking them to pull over is some sort of mugger, or kidnapper rather than an honest police officer. So they’ll run away or call the cops on the cops. I am always astounded by the choices made by the city government. So stupid, impractical, and illogical.


Fools I say...

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