My concerns are now confirmed: oil pan gasket is leaking on my wife’s car.

I noticed a couple of new drops of oil on my driveway. Today I got under there and saw a little guy ready to drip and ran my hand around everything above and around the oil pan. Filter, valve cover, etc, all bone dry. Then I ran my hand on the backside of the pan gasket.


Fresshhhhhh oil. The car has 114k miles. I got under there and tightened down some of the studs (I assume they’re studs and not screws, but what do I know. All I know is 10mm, 10mm, TEN MILLIMETER). Some tightened rather easily, back where I found the oil. So I have some faint hope.

When this doesn’t work, it looks like replacing it will be relatively easily. But I do need one of those swively crescent doo-boppies as two of them are extremely difficult to reach.

Well. That's the end of this post. Farewell.