The Internet on my phone is painfully slow today. Somehow...
Luckily, here in Indonesia there's no such thing called 2-years contract, a.k.a all the phones in here are sim-free.

The drawbacks are, the phones are a bit expensive. You pay 799USD for 16GB iPhone 5. And no 5s yet, it haven't been released yet. In Androids, you pay 749USD for Xperia Z1. And the simcard is dirt cheap, somewhere around 20-50 cents. And you fill it with credits first, ranging from 50 cents to 10 bucks. If you're not satisfied with the service, just throw the sim away and buy a new one.

Internet package is cheap as well. I'm currently using the most expensive one, 14GB/Month at 42mbps for 19 bucks. And because i'm working for a cellphone operator (the one on the top picture) i got free 12GB as well, which is very nice. If you're a little bit short on cash, my operator have a 7GB internet at 42mbps, for 5 bucks. And yet somehow we still making revenues of it.

Anyway, i wonder what if the same system applied in your place. Would you live with it?