Oh, FFS What Are You Trying To Prevent?

The phenomenon of covering license plates, which I think is crazy anyway (in the US at least), is now spreading to boats, apparently.

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First of all, just like a license plate, these are numbers that are visible to the public at all times. Allowing internet strangers to see your bow number could not possibly bring any harm to you or your boat.

While I’m at it, the pictures are crap, that boat isn’t that clean, doesn’t have low hours, and is the least desirable year for this hull among many years of production (~95-~06). Yeah, it’s got the bigger engine option, but then the transmission was recently replaced (why?) and the interior was too. Fine, it’s got a nice new interior. But you know what that tells me? Abuse and neglect. You shouldn’t have to put a whole new interior in a 12 year old boat. My ‘03 is all original inside and in good shape; not perfect.



GLWS it’s January by the way.

Here’s one in excellent condition for $17,000 less.

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