oh fine ill timeline too

first crapcan

it was just like a crapcan to me

it was followed by the crapcan that wasnt first


mine was metallic beige and diesel... and to this day i think it was the best car ive had... thing was a tank

then came the crapcan that wasnt last

biggest of the lot... so obviously it has the smallest picture.... both the comfiest and the thirstiest car ive ever owned

and then theres the last crapcan


that thing was just a hoot... also the only one ive let go whilst still running

so im probably irrationally fond of the little bastard

bonus favourite loaner crap can


a hoot for all the same reasons as the panda... but with more squeeks and rattles

(have driven more cans... but they either werent mine... or i didnt have a license yet... so left them out)

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