Congratulations, Florida Man! At least today you weren’t arrested for DUI while attempting to ride an alligator as a getaway from your robbery attempt on a sperm bank while also smoking crack. Naked. On fire. But even for you, Florida Man, this is a bit of a stretch.

Some 24-ish years ago, you drew a sketch - and applied for a patent - on a device that shares a few qualities with a now-ubiquitous device that itself has now been around for about 10 years. Meanwhile, you lost never had your patent-holding status (it was deemed “abandoned”), still a decade from the invention of the device in question. NOW you think Apple owes you billions? Oh, Florida Man... what would we do without you.

But now we have evidence that Florida Man is, at times, capable of some intelligent foresight, at least for a brief moment; a heretofore unknown capability of this much-derided species.