If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Oh, FP...

If you’re gonna talk smack, make sure your sick burns actually make sense in context.

When you want to sound clever, but you botch the analogy...

What is the pumpkin spice latte? Well it’s trendy, overpriced, stupid, and inferior.

What is the Miata? Well, it predates the pumpkin spice latte by quite a bit for one thing, but it’s certainly not trendy. It’s not overpriced. It’s not an inferior product. I’m not necessarily a Miata lover, but you can’t not appreciate it for what it is: an affordable, practical, reliable, RWD manual (or auto, for Mr. Tys) roadster.

Shouldn’t the Miata be the Americano of convertibles? Does the job and is enjoyable enough?

So what’s the origin of this misapplied label? Reading through the comments, it appears that the claim is the pumpkin spice latte is the flagship drink of “basics.” If you were unaware, “basic” replaced the cringey term, “basic bitch.” So basically, are they calling it a “girl’s car” without trying to sound too sexist or mean?


Stay classy out there.

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