Insurance appraiser called last night and said the lexus may be totaled. N E A T. Dunno what I’ll do if that’s the case.

Here’s the fun part: A clean 2002 IS300 sedan values at $5,300. About right.

NADA thinks the wagon is only worth $212 more which is patently horseshit.

150k miles ‘04 for $6500:


208k miles salvage title ‘02 for $4700:

205k miles ‘02 for $4895:


223k miles ‘02 salvage title for $4500:

172k mile ‘02 for $7000


199k ‘02 for $7900

This is the closest to mine: 107k mile ‘02 for $6900


101k ‘05 for $10k

127k ‘04 with body damage for $5500


Rusty 150k ‘03 for $5000

So yeah. $5,500 for a clean sportcross with 108k miles and no prior body damage is absolute bullshit.