Wow, way to try to make it about the actor. The hate was never about the actor, it was about a shitty and poorly written character that, when dumped from the storylines due to the harsh response, became the epitome of everything wrong with the prequels.

Let’s consider that there was a grander plan for Jar Jar, then Lucas was too chickenshit to play it through. If there was no plan on where the character arc was going (my theory) then Lucas was a fool to introduce him. It shows the shallow foresight of the prequels that in some cases had better tech than what followed in the main saga, and here we have a character who has no reason to exist, and if it is to fit with canon, has no future in the series, so we do not want to tolerate the foolishness that Jar Jar brought.

But yeah, io9, it was the acting that screwed it up. Why the hell, if you were Best, would you take it personally? Does Samuel L. Jackson take it personally when he plays a stupid, or poorly conceived role? No, he becomes the loudest critic or at least takes it with a grain of salt. The fact that the actor enjoyed his Jar-Jarring role and thought he was doing something great, that is the issue. He has no concept of a good character and he now is dealing with it because it surprised him. That’s on him. Most, at the first time they experienced Jar Jar knew it was awful.

I just can’t feel bad for this guy.

“Boo hoo, I got the shittiest role in a mega-movie.”

Noted. Grow up. Move on.