Oh God, My Coworker Just Bought This Half-Finished CB7 Project to be His Daily

Look Ma, no windshield wipers!

Because he “needed something more reliable.” Paid $3000 to a guy who had it sitting around his shop and didn’t have time to deal with it.

The good: It has an H22 swap and it runs.

The bad: Pretty much everything else.

Things currently broken or missing that most normal people expect in a daily driver:

  • Seatbelts. There are none and the motorized upper points don’t work anyway.
  • Speedometer.
  • Horn.
  • Windshield wipers. Missing.
  • Climate control. The panel is laying in the back. Supposedly works. Cannot confirm.
  • Power steering. Removed.
  • AC. Removed.
  • Carpeting. There is none.
  • Battery box. It is just sitting loose in the back waiting to become a projectile under hard braking.
  • Back seat. Also, the front seats - from an S2000 - are each held in with only the two front bolts.

Other issues include some signs of fender rot covered with the PO’s “first ever try at a respray,” peeling tint on the two windows that are actually tinted, just about every warning light is illuminated while running, sketchy upholstery on the driver’s seat, and the very real possibility that even the most corrupt mechanics won’t take a bribe to put a windshield sticker on it.

Passenger footwell looks like someone disemboweled C3PO. Also note electrical connectors not actually connected to anything.

There is some good. Despite the cobbled together wiring and ECU that somehow haven’t burned the thing to the ground yet (did I mention this guy is an engineer we pay to design things that save people’s lives?), it does run. And it actually pulls pretty well as you might expect given the lack of accessories on the motor and low weight of the car. The suspension is pretty well sorted too. From the passenger seat, body roll feels controlled, and the ride isn’t too bad, especially compare to his other lowered CB7 that basically rides on bump stops (when it runs at all). Also, both power windows work. Tires are basically new too. Fortunately, Bexar county doesn’t do emissions testing.

The VTECs. Give me all of them. Only thing attached to the crank pulley is the alternator. Note random Crown Royal bag over brake fluid reservoir.

He plans to weld in a roll cage this weekend and put 4-point belts in to get the point where it can be driven on public roads without being a total death trap. At least when it isn’t raining.

This needs to be secured ASAP. Carpeting would be nice too. This may be the only car I’ve ever ridden in that is louder inside than outside.

Next step is the loose battery in the trunk/back seat area. Probably going to drill through the body and bolt down a battery box.

Pictured: Several things that don’t work. Inexplicably the aftermarket head unit and front door speakers actually function. But you can’t hear them over motor and exhaust anyway.

The front seats also need to be properly secured. Once again probably by drilling through the body.

Homebrew weatherproofing where the antenna used to be. Who knows what horror is lurking under the respray...

After that, the wipers need to go on, climate control needs to be put back in place to get defrosters working and it will basically be roadworthy. We need to come up with something to work as a speedometer - probably just a cheap GPS with a windshield mount. That’s if nothing breaks and/or catches fire in the interim. Despite owning a mostly-stock model of the same car that rarely works right, my esteemed colleague is convinced that this Frankenstein version is somehow going to be bulletproof because you can’t kill an H22. Or something. He also now owns 3 cars without AC in San Antonio where 100 degree weather runs from the start of May through the end of September.

Sweet fit on the plastic hood. Must have happened when the VTEC kicked in.

What prompted this purchase? The 2JZ from his SC300 is in pieces in his office. Again. The turbo he installed needed a better waste gate to get to full boost. Because if your project cars aren’t running it makes perfect sense to just buy someone else’s project, obviously.

Bonus screws!

Overall, it’s not very far from being a sweet autocross/track car, but it’s going to take a lot of work to turn this thing into a DD. The guy is a hero and can probably pull it off. Considering his two other cars barely run, though, this purchase seems pretty irrational. At least he lives within biking distance of work. And his bicylce isn’t rideable at the moment, because he broke a wheel taking it off of a jump last week.

If Oppo is interested I will post updates. Let me know.

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