Oh god, the CF Moto is dead... (Damage Report)

Update: Whoever guessed bad fuel (all of you) was right on the money. I can get it to start and run...sorta.

This is the fuel filter: It’s made out of rust.


The carb is full of black deposits, probably from my experiment trying to stabilize 2+ year old fuel. I’ll clean or replace it. With how cheap the carb was either would cost about the same.

As for those sounds? That possibly came from the throttle cable backing out and its mount vibrating. Oops, maybe tighten it a little better next time.

I’ll also drain the tank, just to be safe.


Alright, after tuning the carb and getting my first full tank of fuel I decided to see what the scooter’s new top speed is. Now it’s dead and I have no idea what is wrong.


I hit WOT and when I hit 68 mph the engine started slowing. Then when I got off the throttle it started full on stopping. The engine stalled out at ten mph and you could smell rubber pretty strongly.


I then got it started but it struggled a little, like it had a really dirty carb or something. I did make it home and aside from a new noise coming from the back all was well. I shut down the engine to put the scooter onto the center stand and that was the last time it started.

It turns over and tries to start, but nothing. Starting fluid somehow makes it worse as well.


What the heck?? Did the engine blow or something? That was my original thought but it did get me home and it is turning over. Too much fuel in the tank??

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