There was a seriously nasty storm here in STL, just about the time I was driving home from work. Traffic was slow, and lots of people were pulling over to the side of the road and parking under overpasses, which I assume is in case of a tornado. Perhaps I should have shut off the podcast I was listening to and tuned in the weather instead.

Anyway, at one point I drove through a rather large puddle, or maybe it was a lake that had materialized in the middle of the road. I didn’t think it was a big deal until my trusty Mazda5 illuminated a bunch of warning lights and proceeded to shut down. Oh shit.

I got it restarted and it seems to be operating OK, but the CEL and TCS/DSC warning light were on as well as the cruise control power light (the system was on but not controlling speed when I drove into the lake/puddle). The car seemed to drive OK until the TCS kicked in at which point the engagement of said system seemed to be a bit more abrupt than before. When I parked at the market I noticed that the horn sounded a little weird, and I assume that this is caused by water in the horn itself.

Leaving the market I noticed that the CEL light is still on but the TCS/DSC and cruise control lights are off. However, if I lose traction the TCS/DSC light comes on and stays on. I ran some software on my phone via the OBD II port, but most of the errors that pop up require me to spend another $10 to be able to decode.

So, any idea what I’ve done? What is the likelihood that the problems will go away once it dries out? I’m guessing that something is up with a wheel speed sensor, but my automotive technician training was done back in the ‘80s before everything got computerized so I may not have a full grasp of all of what makes up a modern TCS/DSC system and what is necessary to troubleshoot such a system.