Oh goody - I'm in the ER

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No same day appointments at my doctor’s office so they sent me to urgent care. Urgent care can’t do squat so they sent me to the ER. It’s the same old abdominal problem that rears it’s ugly head every year or two. I just want them to give me the usual course of antibiotics and send me on my way, but I guess everybody, especially NPs, are fearful of malpractice so I get to go broke being told what I already know.


Maybe I should have become a doctor - so far I’ve had doctors verify all of the major ailments I’ve self diagnosed, from diverticulitis to migraines to temporal lobe epilepsy amongst others. But as I get older I realize that more of me is failing and I don’t have the time to research my own ailments to the degree necessary.

At this point I just want some sort of sustenance. I’ve been told not to eat or drink anything. I’ve dropped 10 lbs since Monday and just want a bite, or some Gatorade at the very least. The pain of my ailment isn’t too bad right now, overshadowed by the pain of hunger. I did want to lose some weight, but this isn’t exactly how I wanted to go about it...

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