Note the ‘78 F-100 in the driveway. Because wondering about the Ranger AND the Bronco wasn’t enough, now I want to know if this truck is still around. Seems like Dad’s had half the vehicles I’ve always liked. Though, where do ya think I got it from?

It was a ‘78 F100 Explorer. I’m not sure, but I think it had a 351M and C6. It also had a manual choke. It was rusty as hell, too. I personally don’t remember it (How could I? I was probably a year old when he got rid of it.). He said he loved it in the winter, because people would move out of his way. He theorizes their thoughts were this:

“Look at that thing, he doesn’t give a shit about it, he’s not stopping!”

I guess the order of which one I want most is this:

1. Bronco

2. Ranger

3, F-100.

I love Dentside Fords, but that Ranger started it all for me, and I can’t even begin to explain the strange obsession with the Bronco, since I didn’t even care for it until a good 4 years after he sold it. I’m so obsessed with that thing, that I never want to get a Bronco that isn’t that one, because it’ll never sit right with me. If I get one, it MUST be that one.

I need serious mental help it seems.

EDIT: I think it may have been scrapped. He sold it to a buddy who let it sit a while. I don’t remember what happened after that.