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Oh hai Oppo, long time no post. Anyway, I made it around the sun again.

Went to the Nashville Orvis/Barbour Land Rover event. Got a keychain and a mug, maybe one day i will get lucky and win the defender :)

Also, some sage wisdom i thought i might share with my whole 33 years of experience, and tech bro “I’m better than you” attitude (just kidding)

Let us not be judged by our victories on the battlefield or in the acquisition of riches. Let us be measured by how we lift up those around us with our gifts.


Anyway, i still read y’alls posts i just never post anymore and i made it around the sun again for the thirty third time (three more years than I ever thought I would live). Post things that make you happy. Like this guy:

Dexter, my best friend and companion
Dexter, my best friend and companion
Image: Self (Self)

Stupid kinja rotating my pictures.

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