Pooped open my Chromebook to see how LADEN WITH DUST the fan was, as its been getting hot lately, and LO AND BEHOLD there’s an empty slot when I CAN STICK IN MORE RAM. (the white rectangle above the blue rectangle in the center)

Did some research online (Chromebook owners are a techie bunch) and found that yes, yes I can add more RAM. Maybe even as much as 16GB. It came with 2GB, FYI. 2. TWO. Piddly. But so far its worked fine for nearly 4 years and just recently its been getting quite hot while watching YouTube (and only YouTube, which is 90% the use this thing gets) and tabbing out causes issues and other webpages don’t want to load, or load slowly.

I ordered a 4GB stick to add to it. I didn’t want to spend TOO much $$$ on this old junker.

6GB should work nicely.