Hi, I’m That Bastard Kurtis, you may remember me from other account names such as Thunderbolt - Yes, We Have No Miatas and Thunderbolt - Land Cruisin’. Anyway whatever, I’ve had the toolboxes I had in my Land Cruiser floating around in the back of my Tahoe, so I did something about it.

This version is significantly simpler than what I had in the Land Cruiser because the wheel wells are higher than the tool boxes. In the Cruiser I built a box with sides between the wheel wells, this time I just cut a piece of plywood to sit on top of the wheel wells and a divider for the middle.

Because of that I don’t have as much vertical space as I did in the Land Cruiser, but that’s no big deal, I don’t put anything big in there.

And that was my 15 minute project that I should have done months ago.