LBM hot take: Thank god for fact check.

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We all expected Lopez to lose the debate, and most polls have him in third behind Anaya or Meade. It was a disaster for him, however the backlash is still unknown and we still have another debate to continue.

Anaya, the little boy that could, spent his time showing how much bullshit Lopez was saying to the point that he would not retort them fearing backlash. Lopez spent his time silent, belly up being punched by the other contestants at the tune of 77 attacks, that’s more than one every ninety seconds!


Say what you will about Chicken little Anaya: he might be a megalomaniac, a sociopath, and a bully. But, he also brought truth to power with his pamphlets showing all the shit Lopez has done throughout his career as a politician. A two faced liar, a empty minded populist, and overall unfit to be president.

Another surprise was Meade, who evaded questions about corruption with almost as much grace as Anaya did (note, all of them are corrupt) and then would focus on how he would govern and how he’s not PRI’s toy.

Zavala proved to be unfit to debate, often being retorted by the very active moderators and unable to speak clearly, she was overwhelmed, and as she tried to connect with women saying “I know what it feels like to have your name taken away” she also defended indefensible actions by her husband making everyone fear she wouldn’t be the one behind the government if she won.

The joker was Jaime Rodriguez, who saw fit to give out his phone number, said criminals should have their hands cut off, and then accused Lopez of saying ridiculous things. Then suggested that he’d fight teen pregnancy by telling women men “don’t want fatties” then saying his comment wasn’t mysoginistic by claiming “we call pregnant women fatties in the north”. When asked about gay marriage he said “I’ve been married three times, I say they can marry whomever they want”

About gay marriage, the real losers of the debate were minority groups who were ignored by the candidates, if asked about gay marriage most would say they don’t like it/believe in it but it’s the law. Lopez who has an important platform for indigenous peoples, an important group of minorities in Mexico that suffers systemic racism and discrimination, kept shut about it.

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