Bumped for North America. I still don't take possession of the Honda Logo TS for maybe another three weeks, but I do have the rims now.

Like the general exterior of the Logo itself, these were not well taken care of by the soon to be former owner. She let them get a bit scratched up, but worse she let them rust. The interior of the wheel well is pretty bad, but there's some bad rust spotting you can see. I found out that using Magic Erasers works pretty well, but requires a lot of elbow grease.

I like the design, but I've debated painting them. A matt black might look good, since I'm planning on going JDM with the car, since, you know, this is Japan and it's a JDM Logo already.

A reminder this is what the full car looks like:


I also get the rims pictured here (and see what I mean about the exterior? Gonna need to get that cleaned up). As a former EK owner, this is sort of my inspiration base:

I was never a fan of the championship white CTR wheels on the silver CTR though. Seems like gunmetal or black would have looked better. You'll notice the LTS and the CTR have the same mirrors. Looking into potential swaps for headlights, a carbon fiber hood, and a few other things I had on my EK. There's a lot of potential in the LTS, and I'd like an exterior to match the rather pretty (in my opinion) interior. Right now, that exterior just isn't doing the interior (which is perfect condition) justice:


Such a nice interior, in my view, requires a suitable exterior.

What say you, Oppo?