Oh hey look a Model 3 even though we don't have any Tesla not-dealerships in Madison, or anywhere in Wisconsin

I saw this Tesla Model 3 with no license plate, but some kind of piece of paper in the small terrible visibility rear window, on my way to work this morning. The closest Tesla not-dealership is in the Chicago suburbs, about 150 miles from here.

Madison has its fair share of Teslas. We’re the one hippie-ish town in an increasingly red state. There’s a fleet of decrepit Priuses running around town driving like the slow motherfuckers they are, but there are enough well off and environmentally-inclined folks here that when the Model S came out they started showing up pretty quickly. With the usual smug-ass vanity tags, of course. There’s one dude with 4C OF N8R for his vanity tag. Yeah, fuck that guy.


Anyway, at first I didn’t realize this Model 3 was a Model 3, because I was right behind it, but something about it looked a little off to me about the shape of the rear window. When the road widened to 2 lanes I merged left and saw, oh, it’s a Model 3.

It looks alright. Yet another swoopy-back sedan with a tall trunk and gunslit rear window, but I suppose there’s a bunch of cameras and shit to mostly make up for it. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of them in short order. Maybe since the Model 3 is closer to being affordable for proles there will be less stupid vanity tags. I’m not counting on it.

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