Why did you put a 160 mph speedometer...in this


Not only is it hilariously ambitious. Not only is it hopeless out of place on their flagship fwd luxury sedan (in 2006). Not only is pointless (top speed is limited to 146). Not only does it make normal speeds difficult to judge because all the useable range is only half the needle and the graduations for a 160 mph speed mean 5 mpg increments only. BUT IT’S PARTIALLY OBSCURED BY YOUR COWL!

Hyundai has come a LONG way in 14 model years.

This particular one Im driving has 102,000 miles on it, the steering column clanks lightly, there is a noise in the front suspension that sounds like bad ball joints, there is a flutter somewhere, it pulls a little to the right always. The owner has taken amazing care of it, and has had it in the shop a lot for the suspension steering and other noises. It was in the shop for a month recently because it needed a Hyundai tech and a new computer to be flown in to fix it. Its immaculate inside and out.


Drives well in the snow. The 3.8 is torquey. the 5 speed does all the things a manumatic should do: holds gears no matter what. Whatever gear you tell it to be in (that the computer will allow...i.e. no first gear highway drops or 4th gear starts) it will stay there...happily bouncing of the rev limiter all day and never downshifting even at stall speeds.


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