Oh jalopnik, how the mighty have fallen

2 complaints.

1: Lane splitter. Sean had built it up into this wonderful blog that had AWESOME articles, great interaction between him and the readers (even if some of them were assholes) pretty pictures, and advice on how to get started in riding (hell, a couple of MY articles were up there)

Now? out of 20 articles on the first page, SEVEN of them have something to do with crashing (one of them not even a motorcycle...and its 8 if you count the isle of man video)

8 are videos from other sites

One video about a Jet-ski

And a SINGLE bike review (of H-Ds new Milwaukee 8 engine)

How the mighty have fallen. (I did speak to them once or twice about writing for them actually. They came off very: we want you to write for free for us)

2: Their facebook. I swear, 1/2 the posts these days are reshared articles that have NOTHING to do with cars. Abandoned military bases, something about bringing off shore power to America, volcanos, and drunk people. Like come on. I get the odd piece here or there. but when the commentators are leaving comments such as: “There’s a guy who lives near me with this really cool WRX. Just thought I’d share something #carrelated” You have a problem.

Ebay and a ZX-10R for your time. (Spot the oppo sticker!)

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