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Oh Jeep

My mom has had some bad car...luck? Anyway after totaling her husbands Hyundai Tucson and causing 5 digit damage to her CX-5 at the same time they were in need of some transportation. They got a rental, a 2019 Jeep compass (its always a compass isn’t it?)

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I just fielded a call from her: She’s 3 hours away at the lake and it wont start. “Engine not ready” the display center says. What kind of garbage is this? Engine not ready?! WELL GET READY! They fiddled for about 20 minutes and finally got it to start. Not a battery issue, I guess its an auto stop/start keyless entry system issue. FCA has a re-flash on this issue but (shocked face) the rental agency hasn’t had it done yet.

They were looking at a Renegade trailhawk to replace the Tucson...they aren’t anymore.

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