Oh look a red car, that's what today is all about after all, right?

I don’t really give a fuck about how you feel today, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, I could care less. What I do care about is this E90 M3, albeit a 2008, but I still care about it.

What’s wrong with the 2008? Well, for one they got the less good looking tail lights:


However, they aren’t that intrusive with the Melbourne Red Metallic paint selected. You know another plus with this car? Yeah, that’s right a bamboo beige interior.

What’s that I see?


Oh, just the proper transmission. Just ignore that missing button; however, don’t over look the omission of idrive. That is a plus as idrive was pretty shit before 2009.

So, if anyone needs a date for tonight, look no further.

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