Last night before heading to the gym, I went grocery shopping with my wife. Our go-to grocery store is often a bit of a madhouse and she likes it better if I come with her. But this here Acura ZDX got me in a teensy weensy little bit of not-actually marital trouble.

For those not familiar with Woodman’s, it’s a large Wisconsin grocery store chain owned by a crazy man named Phil Woodman, his family, and their employees. Their stores are known for great prices and selection, terrible layouts, ugly brown interior decor straight out of the 70s, and infuriating tile floors that rattle the fuck out of your cart. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you...but dem low low prices tho.

I’m the primary grocery shopper in my house, but my wife has been doing more of it lately. Our plan was for me to help her with the shopping and then when she got to the checkout line I’d head to the gym while she took the groceries home. So that’s what we did, and I headed out to my car, but then I saw this Acura ZDX that had parked across the aisle from me, and I couldn’t resist taking this picture.


But that meant that right as I was taking the picture, my wife came out of the store pushing our cart, saw me, and gave me some shit about leaving her and not helping her put the groceries in her car, even though at the checkout line she had just told me to head to the gym and kissed me goodbye.

I wasn’t actually in trouble, but still, I heard about it. Thanks, Acura ZDX!