These are stupid rare. RWD (and NOT a Prerunner) with the 3.4L V6, baby! And automatic, because I’m a dirty, lazy turncoat.

Meaningless trivia: the “LX” name was used for the top-trim level on the Taco from 1995.5 through 1997. The name replaced “SR5" that had been used by Toyota for pickups (and other models) since the 70's for only the Tacoma (an upper trim 4Runner, as an example, was still an SR5 during this period), perhaps to even further differentiate it from previous iterations of the Pikcup/Hilux in the states. For whatever reason — marketing, I assume — Toyota ditched the “LX” name on the Tacomas after only a few years and brought back the “SR5.”


Anyway, I can’t afford this so I’ll go back to being sad now.