We thought your Orochi was the ugliest car ever. We’re sorry. We just couldn’t imagine the blinding magnificence of your new Galue hearse.


Recovered? Good.

That thing is a hearse version of the Galue, which is one of several nostalgically inflected modern sedans that Mitsuoka makes available to discerning customers the world over. The sedan looks like this:


Assuming you’ve also reached your oceanic peak, you might discern a certain familiarity in both Galues. Yes, under the vaguely Bentley-ish proboscis, the vinyl roof and the Fiat 500 taillights, we have a JDM Nissan Altima receding into the scenery, Homer style.

And now it is a beautiful way to die too! And you can bring your family along to join the fun, because, yes, the Galue hearse is a crewcab:


Holy overhangs, batman!

The impetus behind this 6.5 metre long hunk of elegance is an odd sounding provision in the Taiwanese legal code: they do not allow local cars to be converted into hearses, but they do allow fully built hearses to be imported from abroad. So Mitsuoka made a deal with a Taiwanese import firm, and this is the result.

If you’re more into opera windows than landau bars, and if black is, well, too funereal for your demise, there’s also a pearlescent version to take you to the proverbial gates:


Should a Galue hearse float your galeon, Mitsuoka can sell you one for a mere ¥8,850,000 and up, depending on how fancy you want your base vehicle to be. And that’s before optional extras:

(image credits: Mitsuoka)