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Oh my gawd it's fast...

Well, the Hackintosh is home and running like a champ. The video card, an old GTX 670, is installed and driving a couple of large monitors without problems. The Windows 10 drive is also installed and the machine boots and runs Windows as it did before. The Mac hard drive was cloned to an SSD so it’s lightning fast, with things happening seemingly before I think about them.

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Sure, others may have newer and faster computers, but I’ve got almost everything I’ve wanted in a desktop Mac and I’ve spent about $200 and used a bunch of parts I had laying around. Over time I’ll do a few upgrades, like a better video card (for Windows gaming), perhaps even an SSD for Windows, but in my style it will be with used, slightly out-of-date parts.

My trusty old Mac mini served me well for years, but was starting to show it’s age. With memory and an SSD it was holding its own, despite its advancing years, but I really couldn’t do anything to speed up the CPU or video, two things that are possible with a nice tower machine (although I’m sorta out of reasonable CPU upgrade options). Apple may be moving towards making machines with zero internal upgrade options, and this push is alienating hardware geeks like me. I’m just happy to have a decent alternative now.

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