Oh My... That's... That's Not In Good Shape.

I wouldn’t mind a Dodge Dakota Convertible project. In fact when I eventually obtain one, I am sure there will be things needing fixing, but this one is far too much. Even though it is much more doable price wise at $700. This is for the person much braver than I.


This one is in very sad shape. The rust has really gotten to it. Just about anything that can move, doesn’t, and things that don’t move are missing. The interior is in surprisingly good shape though...

However, this could make a good rat rod project. I found a V8 Charger Police Package at the local junkyard and taking the engine and drivetrain from that and sticking it into this thing would make it an absolute riot.


However, that doesn’t really matter if it breaks in half...

Ad preserved below:

!990 Dodge Dakota Convertible in rough condition. blown tanny and wont start, something to do with started not for sure. just need gone. would make a cool restoration project or rat rod project. it is a factory convertible, one of only 4000 made and about 2800 sold.

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