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Oh, no, it's yet another sim racer on YouTube.

Spoiler alert: it’s me.

Assetto Corsa / SRS / Mazda MX-5 Cup / VIR North Course

It’s only my second time ever trying to actually use OBS so I’m still figuring some things out. Also I am not a good driver. But whatever. Playing with imaginary race cars is still fun.


I have no illusions of “making it big” on YouTube but if I’m going to be sitting on my PC playing games anyway, I might as well share.

I also put up a 40-min video showcasing the new “L.A. Canyons” free-roam track mod for AC, which reached its 1.0 release on Sunday, but I screwed up the audio so my commentary gets drowned out with engine noise. Some might say that’s a plus; judge for yourself.

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