I “fixed” my V70. And by fixed... I mean I put a gallon of premium in her.


Guess what?

She started up and drove around the block with zero issues. No misfire, no check engine light, no need to Jumpstart the battery....

And it was glorious. The turbo made good noises. The manual transmission—light as air—was a joy to use. And the seats.... Dear God, those amazing seats.

I don’t want to sell this. As long as it’s working, it’s the perfect daily driver. Would I be crazy to keep it? I do need the money for upcoming expenses, but I don’t sell, I COULD carry a small balance on a 1% interest credit card for a few months instead of selling the swede. We’re talking less than 3% credit utilization.


There are a few people who’ve shown some real interest in the car and want to see it today. I’m now hesitating....

Ugh. Talk some sense into me.

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