My PC has been down since May, or there abouts, but thankfully my neighbor is a bit of a guru, so I’m back!

Note the sexy powdercoated traction bars. Why yellow? That’s the color they were originally.


Oh, and I’ve been playing with the Mustang all summer. It’s so much fun to drive. I removed the front plate from it.

We bought bumper fillers for the Grand National, and I had it buffed out. I still need to have it wet sanded to get the tree sap out (and then re-buffed after), and it seriously needs a fuel pressure regulator.


The Chevelle? Well, it was its’ turn to live up to what we jokingly call “Dad’s Curse”. See, every time Dad does something with one of them, they have a new issue.

First, back in May, it left us stranded when the battery cable got into the header. Our fault, we should have looked.


It did sound good in those tunnels though.

Then the alternator went out. Now, this SHOULD be a stupidly simple job. SHOULD be. But, it’s got tall profile valve covers, which I’m no longer sure it needs, so the alternator wouldn’t go on right with them on. So we yanked the covers and bought new ones. Now the alternator is in the way.


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