I bought a bunch of drinks for a guy from OSHA last night, and I am in pain this morning. Good thing I am not on until this afternoon.

This is my view from the Montery Plaza. The road below my balcony is Cannery Row.

I am watching TV and they are interviewing Mel Gibson about some war movie he directed getting nominated for an Oscsar.

What the fuck Hollywood? These actors are falling all over themselves to try to look good by condemning Trump (Meryl Streep), but they have no problem embracing a child rapist (Roman Polanski) and a racist woman abuser like Mel Gibson. Let’s remember Mel as he truly is: [TRIGGER WARNING]

Remember the time his girlfriend was going to get “raped by a pack of n*****s”

Remember how he abused and berated her on the phone, a classic abuser:

Mel Gibson is a piece of shit, and they should play these tapes at the Oscars. Fuck Mel Gibson, and fuck Hollywood. You don’t have to be smart to be an actor. Fucking hypocrites.