So with all the super or hypercar news on the frontpage it’s easy to forget about that NSX thingy. I don’t know if I’m late or early to the party but I just sat through a pretty boring Jay Leno’s Garage video about the new NSX that they put up today.

Lots of not very interesting talk with the lead designer, then the General Head of Stuff joins in to not give us any numbers but insist that they are right up there with the best.

And through all of this, the one thing that bugs me most is that Acura badge. This thing just needs a proper Honda badge on it. Same for the old one.

Otherwise, if you manage to get past the snoozefest that is the walkaround of the car in the garage, it does actually look pretty damn good out and about on the streets. Once again, I might be late to the party on the NSX but I do hope it sells well enough to keep it around for a while.